Kill My Inner Walt Mitty

This was probably one of the most inspiring and a punch to the gut posts I have read. This post had such a resonance with me. For so much of my life I had been such a big dreamer…yet never taking any action towards my dreams. Enough of this!!!! I must “kill my inner Walter Mitty”….reinvent myself. I am to the point in my life where I am looking back with some regrets over lost/missed opportunities and wasted time. Matt’s statement “So what? So you didn’t fulfill one of your dreams back then; you gonna let that stop you now? You pissed away your childhood, now you’re gonna piss away the rest of your life?” is a life changer!  Yes, there are some regrets that I will never be able to recapture. Ex. I was in the military when I was much, much younger. Before going I took the ASVAB but never researched what the scores meant (my fault)…I listened to the recruiter and took a boring MOS that had a nice signing bonus…but now, in hindsight I see that my score could have afforded me numerous opportunities  or schools (Ranger, SF Q course, etc.)…while I don’t know that I necessarily may have passed those courses I never took the opportunity to test myself and see. At this point though it is too late to capture those…but…what I need to focus on now are the opportunities that I CAN take advantage of and the time that I do have now. There is no more time left to be a Walter Mitty!


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