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The Next Fraud – Divorce Fraud

I am curious if this will become an unintended consequence of the current political/economic policies. There are numerous types of frauds someone can commit and it got me wondering if at some point there will be something that could be considered “divorce fraud”.

I previously wrote on the how the improving economy is being blamed for the increasing divorce rate and touched briefly on the economic benefits of staying single. I have a suspicion that not only will marriage rates probably fall, the rising divorce rate may not be due to irreconcilable differences or affairs, or any of the other typical catalysts for divorce. Nor will it be due to the improving economy. Rather, a couple that still love each other will decide to legally divorce yet maintain their relationship and living arrangements. They will continue to live in the same house and have relations just like they had while they were married but they will reap the economic benefits of each being viewed as a single by the government.

What scares me about this thought is that at some point, if this trend does take off, is that the government and the courts will begin to take a much close look at divorce filings. Perhaps, creating some type of litmus test to qualify for divorce…think means test for bankruptcy with the intention to identify those who are divorcing for “fraudulent reasons… an ominous thought to consider.


Christian McQueen’s “Nightclub Bible” Review

As I’ve previously written ( Alpha Playboy review / Stripclub Bible review) don’t hesitate to purchase, study, AND IMPLEMENT Christian’s lessons. Your life will change for the better when you incorporate what he teaches in his writings into your life.

What Christian lays out in “Nightclub Bible” will not only help get you laid but build a lifestyle for yourself. Over the course of his book Christian outlines an essential mindset to have and behaviors to implement, which if adopted will help your success with women and in life tremendously.

If you have been hesitant to purchase this book, thinking you have already developed game, Christian makes the distinction that “Nightclub Game” is different from game…just as “Stripclub Game” is different from Nightclub Game.  However, by learning and honing Nightclub Game you can easily apply that to other situations and venues helping you develop your social intelligence so that you can maximize your potential.

The book includes a detailed description of the primary components of the art of the approach – YOU WILL HAVE TO APPROACH WOMEN if you want to get laid! He then goes on to break down the nuts & bolts of the approach as well as a breakdown of an approach in a non-club environment.

Having grown up raised by a single mother I was ingrained with a lot of beta lessons and behavior – for example waiting for a woman to initiate…a very good lesson that I wish I had known in my much younger years is that “most girls want to be led and it is my (the man’s job) to do this”. Christian outlines the steps to escalation – outlines – he does not spell out a verbatim script that you would robotically follow – then you would be incongruent. He gives you steps that you’ll use but adjust accordingly to your personality and scenario.

The book also touches on finding your niche and developing your identity and how this will evolve over time.  Personal style is also gone over with a lay out foundational pieces that you should own and references particular brands and stores to find these items at affordable prices.

As the book progresses Christian gives you a clear cut, easy to do blueprint of prepping for a night out. Make sure to follow this to ensure a smooth closing to your night.

Another topic also covered is getting a club on lock down and explains not only the steps to take to build a good reputation but also the steps to avoid which could destroy your reputation.

This is a very well put together book with a lot of content that is applicable (and SHOULD BE APPLIED) to other areas of a man’s life which will help create cascading successes.

Christian McQueen’s “Stripclub Bible” Review

I’ve already written on how Christian McQueen is the real deal in my review of The Alpha Playboy, so I won’t go into more detail on why you shouldn’t hesitate to buy any of his books.

This is my review of Stripclub Bible. This book 12 chapters + conclusion full of absolute gold nuggets of wisdom. Christian has taken his decade plus of experiences and trial and error in strip clubs and condensed it down to easy to digest, and EASY TO IMPLEMENT steps.

While you may have Nightclub Bible this is a necessary addition, as Christian points out “Stripclub game is a different animal from Nightclub game” and, keypoint that Christian makes “learning the difference and becoming great at both will only add to your pussy coffers more.”

While this book contains an enormous amount of helpful info that will catapult your strip club game, one key point that Christian spells out is how to look and think about strippers differently than you probably have been. This one mindset change completely makes the purchase of this book worth it!!

The Alpha Playboy Review

If you haven’t read or purchased any of Christian McQueen’s content you need to get on the ball and check this cat out. This guy is the real deal. His background has given him the experience to share his wisdom, which if followed, will help propel your life on an upward trajectory.

If you are hesitant to spend $$ on books, which really are quite reasonably priced, then check out his free content at: his blog or ROK. What I really like about Christian’s free content is that they are complete articles. They aren’t a teasing segue into a sales pitch to get the remainder of the information – and he offers  A LOT of free content. I’m sure after checking out his free content any reservations you may have had about spending some $$ on a few e-books will be eliminated.

As of this writing (Feb 2014) Christian has five books: The Nightclub Bible, The Stripclub Bible, The Player’s Guide To Text Game, How To Pick Up Girls In Nightclubs & Bars and The Alpha Playboy.

I’ll be posting reviews on Nightclub Bible, Stripclub Bible and How To Pick Up Girls shortly while Text Game is a new release that I haven’t had a chance to pick up yet.

The AlphaPlayboy is divided into 4 sections (or topics) with individual chapters for each.

Section One is on Game.  In the first chapter of this section Christian explains how the foundation of everything is confidence…confidence in self and who you are. Christian lays out step by step how to develop true intrinsic confidence…not extrinsic confidence. He lays out how you can develop the kind of confidence that even if you were stripped of everything you could still see yourself as a man of worth.

This chapter had a lot of good take a ways and steps you can take to work on your confidence. One thing that stuck out for me was rather than trying to make yourself seem busy why not actually BE BUSY – work on your fitness, side hustles/entrepreneurial ventures, attending events (in person…not virtual). Don’t fake being busy. No one wants to be around someone that doesn’t have anything going on in their life. Have goals and work on them!

Chapter two of section one covers “Deep Conversion Game”. In this Christian gives a bullet point play by play of how to enrapture a woman to the point that she is dependent on you for her happiness.  Christian does make an excellent point that this is something that you should utilize on new girls – your behavior will be incongruent if you try on women that are already a part of your life and have previous experience with you. After the bullet points Christian goes into detail on different “moves” that will help the Deep Conversion along. An excellent key point in the chapter is that you should use your time as the reward, not material goods – make sure that she believes that you are the reward

Section two covers style and chapter one covers the foundation of style – the essential wardrobe. In this chapter Christian provides a checklist of essential pieces. Along with the wardrobe checklist Christian also provides a list of good stores to get these items from. While chapter one covered the necessities, chapter two covers the topic of making sure it all fits right. Christian covers options for specifically tall and short men as well topics applicable to all men.  Key point “it is better to wear a $300 suit tailored perfectly than to wear an ill-fitting $3000 suit”.

Section three covers fitness and recipes. Chapter one covers fitness. This chapter offers practical, quick workout routines that can be done anywhere. Some of the workout routines outlined includes a full week workout, Individual Rounds Routines, and Abdominal Routines. Each of these can easily be done from anywhere and do not require any equipment. Chapter two offers recipes and offers a good variety of meal ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Section Four is all about lifestyle. Chapter one is “The McQueen Manifesto”. I will not go into the details of this only to say it is a MUST READ! Chapter two is on lists and goals. Lists chart out your day and what you want/need to accomplish that day. Key take away on lists: “A man without direction will never become great. You have to know where you want to be…” While a list reflects daily objectives a goal is much larger and covers a longer time period. Actionable items towards your goal should be included on your lists – everyday that you don’t take an action towards your goal is another day wasted! Remember, without a goal you will stagnate and stagnation is the death of your spirit

The Alpha Playboy is an excellent book and Christian’s spirit and intent to help men elevate their game and lifestyle comes through in his writing.