Christian McQueen’s “Stripclub Bible” Review

I’ve already written on how Christian McQueen is the real deal in my review of The Alpha Playboy, so I won’t go into more detail on why you shouldn’t hesitate to buy any of his books.

This is my review of Stripclub Bible. This book 12 chapters + conclusion full of absolute gold nuggets of wisdom. Christian has taken his decade plus of experiences and trial and error in strip clubs and condensed it down to easy to digest, and EASY TO IMPLEMENT steps.

While you may have Nightclub Bible this is a necessary addition, as Christian points out “Stripclub game is a different animal from Nightclub game” and, keypoint that Christian makes “learning the difference and becoming great at both will only add to your pussy coffers more.”

While this book contains an enormous amount of helpful info that will catapult your strip club game, one key point that Christian spells out is how to look and think about strippers differently than you probably have been. This one mindset change completely makes the purchase of this book worth it!!


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