Christian McQueen’s “Nightclub Bible” Review

As I’ve previously written ( Alpha Playboy review / Stripclub Bible review) don’t hesitate to purchase, study, AND IMPLEMENT Christian’s lessons. Your life will change for the better when you incorporate what he teaches in his writings into your life.

What Christian lays out in “Nightclub Bible” will not only help get you laid but build a lifestyle for yourself. Over the course of his book Christian outlines an essential mindset to have and behaviors to implement, which if adopted will help your success with women and in life tremendously.

If you have been hesitant to purchase this book, thinking you have already developed game, Christian makes the distinction that “Nightclub Game” is different from game…just as “Stripclub Game” is different from Nightclub Game.  However, by learning and honing Nightclub Game you can easily apply that to other situations and venues helping you develop your social intelligence so that you can maximize your potential.

The book includes a detailed description of the primary components of the art of the approach – YOU WILL HAVE TO APPROACH WOMEN if you want to get laid! He then goes on to break down the nuts & bolts of the approach as well as a breakdown of an approach in a non-club environment.

Having grown up raised by a single mother I was ingrained with a lot of beta lessons and behavior – for example waiting for a woman to initiate…a very good lesson that I wish I had known in my much younger years is that “most girls want to be led and it is my (the man’s job) to do this”. Christian outlines the steps to escalation – outlines – he does not spell out a verbatim script that you would robotically follow – then you would be incongruent. He gives you steps that you’ll use but adjust accordingly to your personality and scenario.

The book also touches on finding your niche and developing your identity and how this will evolve over time.  Personal style is also gone over with a lay out foundational pieces that you should own and references particular brands and stores to find these items at affordable prices.

As the book progresses Christian gives you a clear cut, easy to do blueprint of prepping for a night out. Make sure to follow this to ensure a smooth closing to your night.

Another topic also covered is getting a club on lock down and explains not only the steps to take to build a good reputation but also the steps to avoid which could destroy your reputation.

This is a very well put together book with a lot of content that is applicable (and SHOULD BE APPLIED) to other areas of a man’s life which will help create cascading successes.


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