The Next Fraud – Divorce Fraud

I am curious if this will become an unintended consequence of the current political/economic policies. There are numerous types of frauds someone can commit and it got me wondering if at some point there will be something that could be considered “divorce fraud”.

I previously wrote on the how the improving economy is being blamed for the increasing divorce rate and touched briefly on the economic benefits of staying single. I have a suspicion that not only will marriage rates probably fall, the rising divorce rate may not be due to irreconcilable differences or affairs, or any of the other typical catalysts for divorce. Nor will it be due to the improving economy. Rather, a couple that still love each other will decide to legally divorce yet maintain their relationship and living arrangements. They will continue to live in the same house and have relations just like they had while they were married but they will reap the economic benefits of each being viewed as a single by the government.

What scares me about this thought is that at some point, if this trend does take off, is that the government and the courts will begin to take a much close look at divorce filings. Perhaps, creating some type of litmus test to qualify for divorce…think means test for bankruptcy with the intention to identify those who are divorcing for “fraudulent reasons… an ominous thought to consider.


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