Christian McQueen’s The Alpha Playboy 2 Review

Well Christian McQueen has done it again, dropping some hardcore truth bombs and awesomely helpful content in his latest book “The Alpha Playboy 2

A follow up to “The Alpha Playboy” Unlike a fizzled out movie sequel, this book is substantive in content and whether or not you are already in a relationship should be read by all men! If you think your relationship is fine you probably need to check yourself.  “If you want a standard LTR that blows up in your face then read mainstream dating books, or ignore game all together. If you want cold hard facts and practical shit that works then read this book”

I would even say that all of Christian’s content should be mandatory reading for junior high boys – just like how shop class was required.

The book opens up addressing your mindset. Christian drives this topic home in his other books and blog posts…why…BECASUSE IT IS KEY!!!! Yet as I was reading it I didn’t find myself skipping ahead thinking “yep, read this stuff already”. Christian has a way of reformulating his writing so even a topic he has covered before is fresh and you still take new ideas from it. I really appreciated how Christian opened up about his past. You may read his stuff and think he came out of the womb with a snifter of scotch, hair slicked back with pomade as a natural ladies man but you may be surprised to learn that is not the case. His books come from his experiences, trials and tribulations…yes, even Christian suffered oneitis. It is reassuring to know that a cool character like Christian developed from what are probably very similar backgrounds to a lot of other just normal guys.  Without giving too much away one key in mindset is that of control. There is a gut wrenching story of what could happen when you don’t have / lose control of yourself and your mindset.

The book goes on to cover “The Do’s & Don’ts of an LTR” followed by “The Relationship Time-Line”. This time-line is key and I think if this time-line had been wide spread common knowledge there would be a lot few unhappily married men – too many guys accelerate this time-line or end up losing control in the relationship to their detriment.  Provided you have met the do’s & don’ts and have followed the time-line Christian then outlines “How To Tell If She Is A Keeper”. This is important as guys may still have clouded judgment and only sees their girl through rose colored glasses. This provides a good litmus test to post her against.

The next chapters cover “Discipline & Punishment” , appropriately by a chapter on “Tasks & Rewards” that addresses how to reward your girl which is key. Of course there is then a chapter on “Gifts” – oh how so many guys (read – ME) have fucked up here. Absolutely critical is that “it’s not about being cheap but training her to be content with you”. Get the book and Christian will guide you on how to do that.

There is a chapter on “Creating Your Own World With Her”. This chapter included an absolutely mind blowing technique that I would have never thought of, but after reading it makes perfect sense. All I will say is “stuffed animal” – buy the book and find out.

As I pointed out earlier Christian has even suffered from oneitis. To help ease the pain and to help your recover gain momentum there is a chapter on “How To Get Over Your Ex”. Again in this chapter Christian lays out a tragic tale of a man stricken by oneitis. Accordingly, the following chapter is on “Preventing Getting Oneitis Again” – you know how history has a tendency to repeat itself.

One chapter that I particularly liked was “The Mistress Method”. While some may frown upon this, this technique might actually be helpful in maintaining a healthy LTR. While this type of setup is not without its risks Christian spells out risk mistress management. Also, keep in mind, Mistress Method is different from running a harem.

With all this talk of LTR and being stricken by oneitis is a chapter on “Infatuation vs. Love”. This chapter makes the purchase of this book so worthwhile. Christian outlines what he calls infatuation examples, yet I think they are better called warning signs. I recognized almost all of them from points in my past. It is sad to see how badly I have fucked up with girls in the past yet empowering to know that I continue to develop the knowledge and skills to not continue to make those and other stupid mistakes.

Part 1 concludes the chapters that cover LTR game. The parting thought(s) – always protect yourself, make sure you put yourself first and it is not a race.

Part 2 moves into Daygame. This opens of course with a chapter on mindset…why? BECAUSE THAT IS KEY! It is a lot like your college professor…if you notice them drilling on a particular topic over & over guess what, there is probably an important reason and that is you will need to know it. This chapter really blows away any excuse you may have for not wanting to approach a girl.  Once you got your mindset right the chapters that follow go over how to approach with examples of both direct and indirect methods.

After this Christian lays out a challenge – keep in mind just reading his content will do you no good unless you apply what you learn. This challenge leaves you no excuse to get yourself out of applying what you’ve learned, but You Got To Have The Want To. He offers up some opening lines that you can use as you develop your confidence as well as prime real estate spots for day gaming. Of course there is an awesome chapter covering “The Best Way To Get Her #”.

This is a very worthwhile book. Christian once again packs a punch of robust content to help guys develop their mindset and confidence with women. The book is divided into 2 parts: Relationship Game which covers fifteen chapters and Day Game which covers 7 chapters. Christian is also kind enough to include samples of Night Club Bible, Players Guide To Text Game, Stripclub Bible – all of which I would recommend highly. I have reviewed Night Club Bible here  and Stripclub Bible here. I have read but have not written a review of Guide To Text Game, but not because it lacks content – it is a very useful guide. Don’t waste any more of your precious time – make yourself first and get Christian’s books. You won’t regret it.





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