Do NOT Pedestalize A Woman

The other night while out having a beer I decided to send a restart text to a girl I had previously posted on asking what she was up to…after that it was on. We started a lengthy and sexual text chat (yeah, I was probably feeding her ego a bit, but it was fun). However one of the things that she wrote really stood out and goes to show Do NOT pedestalize a woman!

“I have been seeing X for a year and he would do anything for me…BUT I have zero physical attraction to him…. then there is my “friend” and the physical attraction is undeniable”

Now, who this “friend” is I do not know. She never mentioned anyone else. Shit, maybe it is me? At one point she made the comment “you were always my mom’s favorite ;-)” And I can push sexual boundaries in my texts to her and she does not flinch at all. Who knows?

That was her only mention of X in any of our chats so he must not have made much of an impression on her over the year. I am using my text with her as an experiment, gauging reactions as well as for my entertainment – Playboy text rule #4. I have found Christian McQueen’s Player’s Text Game to be an invaluable resource. Too bad X doesn’t have a copy…actually sounds like he needs the bundle to get his game together.

Back to my original point…this is proof positive that you DO NOT pedestalize a woman.


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