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Maca – Nature’s Answer To The Little Blue Pill

If you could use a supplement that has been called a “natural Viagra”…of course with a price tag much lower than the blue pill (is it ironic that Viagra is referred to as “blue pill”?) Would you try it?  I don’t recall what first drew my attention to Maca but have just recently purchased some and have enjoyed my response to it.

Maca, this hearty, resistant plant, a member of the cruciferous family, is grown in extreme conditions of the high elevations of the Andes Mountains.Going as far back as the Incan empire ithas been documented that Maca would help boost libido, help increase endurance and stamina and enhance moods.  Maca can be found in pill, liquid and powder forms.

I bought mine in powder form and found it most reasonably priced, surprisingly, at Whole Foods.  While the size is not shown in the picture this container is 16oz and was about $20. My experience has been that it does not mix very well. It can tend to clump up, even when used in shaker with wire ball. Maybe that is this particular brand and that it was cheaper (not by much though) than other brands.



When it is time to buy more I will blow a little more coin and get another brand and see if that mixes any better, or get the liquid version. I have not tried blending it, only using shaker bottle so that may be part of the issue as well. The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon a day. I tend to go over that a bit. Typically I will put some on my cereal in the AM if that is what I am having for breakfast. I also put some in my protein shake that I drink after the gym. And then sometimes I will also sprinkle some on my ice cream at night. I have tried mixing some in my coffee but that didn’t turn out very well… clumping issue.

Another spice that I have started using is Cardamom. This also offers widespread benefits from digestion problems to IBS to bronchitis/cough/colds to urinary tract issues. It is believed to contain anti-depressant properties and is used in aromatherapy…I will attest to the pleasant aroma and sense of well-being that one experiences when sniffing Cardamom.  However, one that I wanted to check out was that it possessed aphrodisiac properties and is also used as a cure for impotency, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. I found Cardamom most reasonably priced at Sprouts Market. This jar was $5. Checking at any other grocery store…Wal-Mart included, you will pay at least twice that.



I will sprinkle some Cardamom on my cereal or oatmeal in the morning as well as adding some to my coffee which adds a nice flavor to it as well as adding some in my protein shake and of course adding some to ice cream.

Since starting to use Maca and Cardamom I have noticed an uptick in my sexual appetite. I have been able to hit the gym harder and my sleep schedule has improved. Also, a lady friend of mine made mention that I was in a much better mood…hmmm.  Based on my results so far I will continue to use Maca & Cardamom. It is still early in my using of this and will report any additional benefits, or detriments that I may experience. One note…Maca does not have a pleasant flavor like Cardamom does. While it is not nasty or intolerable it is a taste that you may need to acquire.