Running, Lifting & My T Level

I’ll admit it, I enjoy running. I always have. In the military for the APFT the run was never a problem for me. In fact I would sometimes purposely throw my run time and APFT score just to help pace a soldier who struggled to help ensure they would at least pass (I was a platoon leader during AIT so I did have a responsibility to look out for my soldiers).

While I’ve always enjoyed running it wasn’t until September 2014 that I actually participated in an organized run – a 9/11 remembrance 5k run. I loved it. I loved the adrenaline of everyone around and chasing some nice tight ass in yoga pants – the proverbial carrot on a stick. I quickly signed up for the Rock n Roll marathon in Vegas doing both the Sat night 5k followed by Sun 10k. It was an absolute blast. Seeing the strip get shut down for the runners was something. Walking through the casino/hotel to get to the starting corral wearing my runners bib had a similar effect as being in suit with pocket square. People would look on with admiration and/or jealousy.

After Vegas I did another Rock n Roll series here in Phoenix, again doing the Sat 5k and Sun 10k. It was after this that I had planned on working up to a half marathon. But after P.D. Mangans “Best Supplements For Men’s Health”. The final chapter in the book covered exercise. I learned quite a bit about running and some of the negatives that a distance runner can experience. This got me to rethink my longer distance running plans. My max will be a 10k…I won’t give up running all together.

Lifting weights is something I am starting to focus more on. I am working hard to really develop my body in time for Vegas pool season!  I just started Creatine so I should start to see some marked improvement in my performance and development. Since I am throttling back on my running some of the time that I would’ve spent on the treadmill can now be spent on lifting. Goal is to be defined and toned but not huge – think Jason Statham.

I never it checked but knew it was time to find out where I was…my T-Levels. Again, while I have wanted to have them checked it was after reading PD Mangan’s book that I was inspired enough to follow through and make an appointment with my doctor. I was really surprised at how much resistance he gave me to getting tested. He kept asking over and over “do I have any symptoms”, “am I experiencing….” Etc. etc. I finally told him that it is for my own curiosity so I know where I stand and he which he relented to and said that “is a reasonable request”.

A couple of days after the blood draw I got the callback with my results. The nurse said “the doctor told me to tell you that your numbers are ridiculous. You just need to keep doing what you are doing”. So, for 42 year old my total testosterone was 655. While I haven’t reviewed what average levels are per age bracket I was ok with 655. While I want it to be higher I am feeling ok about that number. I know that my doctor won’t do a thing with me since he already thinks my number is “ridiculous” I may try to find another doctor and to see if he will write me an RX for an Aromatase inhibitor (Anastrozole or Exemestane). Before I do that though I will pick up Pill Scout’s “Testosterone Black Book”  and try implementing the recommendations there.

As far as what I am doing already that my doctor wants me to continue:

Supplements: fish oil/omega 3, Vitamin D3, B, Zinc and Magnesium  Citrate

Lifting: while I had been lifting already I am shifting some time that had been used running to lifting

Running: capping that at 60min max – 7 miles.

After implementing strategies outlined in Pill Scout’s book I will gauge how I feel and may go in for another blood workup in another 6-9 months, but will probably need to go to a private clinic at that point. I was really surprised at the resistance my doctor gave just to get tested to begin with.


2 thoughts on “Running, Lifting & My T Level

    1. RedPill Going Galt Post author

      Fish oil: Kirkland / Costco1200mg 3x day
      D3: Nature’s Bounty / Costco 5000iu 3x day
      B12:Nature’s Bounty/ Costco 2500 meg 3x day
      Magnesium Citrate – make sure it is Citrate – I read in PD Mangan’s “Best Supplements For Men” that Citrate was the best. Kirkland/Costco 250mg nightly
      Zinc: Spring Valley / Walmart 50 mg 2x day. I used to do 3x but found myself experiencing brief but extreme nauseousness taking it in the morning.
      Creatine: Body Fortress / Walmart – non workout days I have a shake w/breakfast. Workout days one with breakfast and then one post workout. I work out in the late evenings.


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