Review of “How To Get Laid On Tinder”

I had planned on taking the weekend to read through How To Get Laid On Tinder by Will Freeman of and write my review; however as I got into the book I took more time reading it than I had anticipated.

How To Get Laid On Tinder is a very well written book that is heavy with content. This is not a book that was put together but some shady internet marketer type. It’s not a brief 30 page pamphlet that someone who is hoping to bring in a few bucks from sales just based on the title without putting any actual work into creating the content. This is the real deal written from experience and you will not be sorry for purchasing it. I was very pleased with the formatting of the book. From the font and layout this book is very easy on the eyes. And while I’m no Matt Forney when it comes to grammar, I will say that Will took a lot of time in writing and proofreading. This book is laid out and written solidly.

As I said this book is not light. Coming in at just over 200 pages Will covers a wide range of topics including how the SMV works and how to be more successful in it, setting up Tinder, what you can expect from Tinder and much more. Also included is a lay report chapter which includes numerous examples of interactions he’s had with girls from Tinder with a recap afterwards. Included are the many types of women you will be faced with from Tinder. Studying case examples can be extremely helpful as you deal with girls on Tinder. You will in all likelihood find yourself in very similar scenarios as Will and having this book as a guide will serve you well.

In How To Get Laid On Tinder Will gives you no holds barred, no fluff advise on how to use and optimize yourself with Tinder. If you are looking to add Tinder to your dating/getting laid arsenal then How To Get Laid On Tinder is a must have. In fact Will is so confident in his material that he offers a 60 day money back guarantee. It’s no risk but unlimited rewards if you follow the guide proposition.

Tinder Guarantee



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