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My TRT Journey – 1 year in

January 2015. I’m in my early 40’s but feeling that I’m missing that “oomph” that I had. I make an appoint with my regular primary care to have labs run, specifically for T levels. At first he was reluctant, claiming that the ads I see and hear in the media are causing psychosomatic symptoms… I tell him it’s my bloodwork and I want to see where I am so he orders the labs.

A few days later I get a call from the nurse who tells me “the Dr says your levels are ridiculously high for someone your age” – at early 40’s my level was 655…while not horrible I felt I could be much better and of course my primary care was of the thought that diminishing T-levels are a normal part of aging. Of course he won’t write me an RX for TRT so I go on with my life for the time being.

Fast forward to February 2016… my dog, best buddy and running partner passes. I spiral downwards into a very dark place in my life. This  darkness enveloped my life until the summer of 2016 when I finally decided “ENOUGH” and made an appointment to see a naturopathic doctor. He was more receptive to my wanting to improve my life and ordered labs to get a baseline of where we were starting from. My T-levels had dropped a staggering 50+ %… to 332. The passing of my dog and how far down my life had gone down really took its toll on me

My initial RX was for 1cc 200mcg test cypionate and 1mg anastrozole (an aromatase inhibitor). I remained on this for 2 months at which point my RX was re-written dialing back the TRT to .75 since my levels had increased significantly to 1440.

We come to April 2017.. my birthday is in April so I decide to run my own bloodwork and order the Male Deluxe Anti-Aging Panel  from

My T-level was a very healthy 1156, HOWEVER my estradiol level was an exceedingly high 39!!

pre pct estradiol

I was very concerned so I ordered Red PCT from  Red Supplements. Maintaining my same RX dosages the only change I made was taking 3 Red PCT per day over the course of a month. At the end of the month (90 pills / 3 per day) I ran labs… again from this time testing just estradiol

The results were nothing short of ASTOUNDING!!! Again, no changes to my RX, just adding Red PCT  my estradiol level dropped to <5

post pct estradiol level

I’ll take a month off, per recommendation on Red Supplements site and cycle a month on / off to maintain my levels.

For anyone concerned about their estradiol levels I cannot recommend Red PCT more… a fantastic product with PROVEN results!





If I Don’t Improve I Will Amount To Nothing

“If I do not improve I will amount to nothing. I am squandering my talent. I am wasting my life. Others have gone before me and done more than I have done; they did more than I will do if I do not improve” This was a quote found in the early part of Winning Isn’t Normal: Meditations on the Art of Ass-Kicking by Jason Shen. It was supposedly said by Julius Caesar when he encountered a statue of Alexander the Great realizing with dissatisfaction how much Alexander had accomplished compared to himself.

Alexander the Great

I have this quote written out on a recipe card that I put up on the treadmill so I can look at it for motivation when I am running. When I feel like slowing down, lowering the incline or cutting my run short I look at that to give my mindset a quick jolt.

I am writing this post late in the evening after returning from the gym. I have to get up in a few hours for work. I worked a 10 hour shift today already, then did some yard work while it was still daylight (add to that it was probably about 105 here in PHX). After some dinner and letting my food digest I headed out to the gym.

I love going to the gym later at night. I almost have the place to myself and those that are there are there to get in a really good workout. You don’t see people sitting on the machine checking their phone. Granted sometimes it is nice to go when the after work crowd is there as there can be some good looking women which can be a motivation, but I’d rather go when I can focus on myself, my time, weight and reps.

I keep a notebook that I log how my workout was. What my run time was and what elevations I set. Log my lifting sets – reps and weight. Looking back over the past year it is inspiring to see the improvements and increases. And just like tracking my money in Excel it feels good to see how it is going. What gets measured gets managed.

So why do I do this? Why work all day, then put in some work in the heat, then go on the workout for a few hours, then come home and write while I have to be up again in just a few hours to work…because if I don’t improve I will amount to nothing. I have to make the sacrifices to improve otherwise I will amount to nothing.

Volunteering For Dog Rescue Good For Self Development

Volunteering for a dog rescue is probably one of the best things I have done along with spearheading a Toastmasters group. Both Toastmasters and dog rescue offer so many opportunities to develop oneself.

I love to talk and have always enjoyed public speaking. I never really experienced fear when I would have to make a presentation. I always felt it more as a high. While I haven’t been as active in Toastmasters lately there was a time where I built a group from scratch. I couldn’t find any existing groups that had a convenient schedule/location for me so I took it upon myself to start a group at my workplace. This was a great experience. I had to coordinate with upper levels of management to get the OK (this was a fortune 500 company on a campus with probably close to 1000 staff). After that I had to start advertising and making people aware and create interest. After that I had to manage the initial inventory of user materials, collect payments from people who became members, etc. That was a really fun time that exposed me to a microcosm of starting a business.

Now I have been spending more time volunteering with a dog rescue. While I don’t get the business exposure I did when I was starting the Toastmasters it still exposes a person to self-development. First, you really do need to develop alpha behaviors when dealing with the dogs. If you are fearful of dogs, or show signs of timidity they may misbehave and you can get injured. You need to establish your dominance from the get go. Developing that self-assuredness will have a ripple effect into all areas of your life.

When volunteering you also have to develop discipline and responsibility. Just because it isn’t a job that you clock into and out of others in the group do depend on you to show up when you have scheduled yourself. More importantly the dogs are absolutely relying on you to be there. They don’t have the capabilities to adjust on the fly and take of themselves. They need you. As with self-assuredness having discipline will be a great value to you in all areas of your life.

Along the same lines as developing your self-assuredness with the dogs you also have to develop confidence in speaking with complete strangers. Typically you will have to initiate the conversation. When we are setup with our dogs in their pens people will come by and look in at the dogs, maybe offer their hand for the dog to sniff and pet the dog but they will rarely if ever approach us and start a conversation or ask a question about a dog; we have to be the ones that start the conversation. Granted the opener is already a given but after that you have to be able to maintain the conversation and think on your feet. There may be times also where you will need to assert yourself and tell someone no if you get the feeling that the dog and person would just not be a good match. That is another skill you develop and that is learning to trust your gut & read people.

I have never used the rescue to meet girls but it does give you the opportunity to talk to a lot of people, including attractive girls. Getting over the anxiety of talking to not only attractive girls but strangers in general is a good trait to have that will be helpful in a lot of areas of your life.

I appreciate Toastmasters for helping develop public speaking, research and writing skills as you compose your presentation. The table topics portion of the meeting helps you develop your impromptu speaking skills.

I do feel though that volunteering with the dog rescue offers more benefit for self-development. With Toastmasters you are exposed to mostly the same people week in and week out. Outside of table topics, which you may not be called on for either, your speaking is already scripted and rehearsed. And, you don’t have to develop alpha type behaviors either.

If you have the time both will benefit you. However if your time is limited I would go with volunteering with a dog rescue. Not only are you developing yourself you are benefiting the community and dogs that are unable to help themselves. I will offer this disclaimer though…it can be brutally bittersweet to volunteer with dog rescue. Some dogs you may find yourself become very attached to and it is hard to see them go – you’re so happy for the family and the dog while at the same time you feel really down knowing that you won’t be seeing your little buddy anymore. Sadly, there will always be another rescue that you can become attached to.

Maca – Nature’s Answer To The Little Blue Pill

If you could use a supplement that has been called a “natural Viagra”…of course with a price tag much lower than the blue pill (is it ironic that Viagra is referred to as “blue pill”?) Would you try it?  I don’t recall what first drew my attention to Maca but have just recently purchased some and have enjoyed my response to it.

Maca, this hearty, resistant plant, a member of the cruciferous family, is grown in extreme conditions of the high elevations of the Andes Mountains.Going as far back as the Incan empire ithas been documented that Maca would help boost libido, help increase endurance and stamina and enhance moods.  Maca can be found in pill, liquid and powder forms.

I bought mine in powder form and found it most reasonably priced, surprisingly, at Whole Foods.  While the size is not shown in the picture this container is 16oz and was about $20. My experience has been that it does not mix very well. It can tend to clump up, even when used in shaker with wire ball. Maybe that is this particular brand and that it was cheaper (not by much though) than other brands.



When it is time to buy more I will blow a little more coin and get another brand and see if that mixes any better, or get the liquid version. I have not tried blending it, only using shaker bottle so that may be part of the issue as well. The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon a day. I tend to go over that a bit. Typically I will put some on my cereal in the AM if that is what I am having for breakfast. I also put some in my protein shake that I drink after the gym. And then sometimes I will also sprinkle some on my ice cream at night. I have tried mixing some in my coffee but that didn’t turn out very well… clumping issue.

Another spice that I have started using is Cardamom. This also offers widespread benefits from digestion problems to IBS to bronchitis/cough/colds to urinary tract issues. It is believed to contain anti-depressant properties and is used in aromatherapy…I will attest to the pleasant aroma and sense of well-being that one experiences when sniffing Cardamom.  However, one that I wanted to check out was that it possessed aphrodisiac properties and is also used as a cure for impotency, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. I found Cardamom most reasonably priced at Sprouts Market. This jar was $5. Checking at any other grocery store…Wal-Mart included, you will pay at least twice that.



I will sprinkle some Cardamom on my cereal or oatmeal in the morning as well as adding some to my coffee which adds a nice flavor to it as well as adding some in my protein shake and of course adding some to ice cream.

Since starting to use Maca and Cardamom I have noticed an uptick in my sexual appetite. I have been able to hit the gym harder and my sleep schedule has improved. Also, a lady friend of mine made mention that I was in a much better mood…hmmm.  Based on my results so far I will continue to use Maca & Cardamom. It is still early in my using of this and will report any additional benefits, or detriments that I may experience. One note…Maca does not have a pleasant flavor like Cardamom does. While it is not nasty or intolerable it is a taste that you may need to acquire.

Wal-Mart “People Stack” Nootropic Drink Mix

Recently I started to make a “People’s Stack” nootropic drink using some drink mix powders I found at Wal-Mart while grocery shopping. While I have just started I have noticed some pleasant side effects.

First, I was surprised to see a Wal-Mart brand drink mix marked for “relaxation” that included L-Theanine as well as one marked “Energy”  which included caffeine and B vitamins.  Score. Cheap way to try out nootropics. I had been thinking about ordering L-Theanine capsules from Amazon but never got around to it.  Each packet of the relaxation drink mix contains 200mg of L-Theanine which according to some  articles I’ve read is a typical dosage.  The caffeine packet contains 60 mg.

Since each packet is supposed to be mixed with 16 oz water what I do is take one packet each and mix with 32 oz water. I have one during my with my lunch and then I mix a second one to take to the gym with me. I don’t know if it is psychosomatic or not but I have found that I am able to push myself more during my workout than before I started drinking the stack. As far as helping curb approach anxiety I really can’t speak to that yet as I haven’t been in the environment/situation.

I still plan on ordering L-Theanine capsules to take but so far have enjoyed the effects of this drink mix.  On a hot Arizona day a nice cool drink of grape and mixed berry is a refreshing flavor combination. One thing I find odd is that one package contains 7 packets while the other contains 10. It would be nice if they both had the same quantity.

If you are new to nootropics and want a cheap way to check them out, or, if you want to change up your nootropic regiment this is a good way to do it. Each package is under $2…at least in Phoenix with a wide variety of flavors available.


Do NOT Pedestalize A Woman

The other night while out having a beer I decided to send a restart text to a girl I had previously posted on asking what she was up to…after that it was on. We started a lengthy and sexual text chat (yeah, I was probably feeding her ego a bit, but it was fun). However one of the things that she wrote really stood out and goes to show Do NOT pedestalize a woman!

“I have been seeing X for a year and he would do anything for me…BUT I have zero physical attraction to him…. then there is my “friend” and the physical attraction is undeniable”

Now, who this “friend” is I do not know. She never mentioned anyone else. Shit, maybe it is me? At one point she made the comment “you were always my mom’s favorite ;-)” And I can push sexual boundaries in my texts to her and she does not flinch at all. Who knows?

That was her only mention of X in any of our chats so he must not have made much of an impression on her over the year. I am using my text with her as an experiment, gauging reactions as well as for my entertainment – Playboy text rule #4. I have found Christian McQueen’s Player’s Text Game to be an invaluable resource. Too bad X doesn’t have a copy…actually sounds like he needs the bundle to get his game together.

Back to my original point…this is proof positive that you DO NOT pedestalize a woman.