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Who Would You Rather? Stana Katic or Sasha Alexander

There are 2 shows I typically watch while I am at the gym. The shows are somewhat similar, cop dramas but the 2 characters are very different. This led me to wonder, Who would you rather?

Who Would You Rather matches up: Stana Katic who plays Kate Beckett on Castle and Sasha Alexander who plays Maura Isles on Rizzoli & Isles.

Stats on Stana Katic: she will be 36 this April (2014), born April 26 ’78. She comes in at 5’9”. Websites reflect her weight at 125lbs and bra size 34b.  She speaks four languages fluently: English, French, Italian and Serbian. She has no children and appears to have never been married.


Sasha’s stats: born May 17 ’73 she will be 41 this May (2014). She comes in at 5’7 with a reported weight of 132lbs and bra size of 36b. Sasha has been married twice and has 2 children.


Both ladies being fairly attractive and fairly close stats Would You Rather is based on the characters they play, not as themselves.

In Castle Stana wears very masculine outfits. I don’t recall ever seeing her in a skirt or dress. She is always wearing pants and suit type outfits. The outfits do not really flatter her body. Her character is cold and hard.


Now, in the other corner, Sasha’s character is very feminine. While she is smart (she plays an M.E.) her outfits are mostly skirts and dresses and soft looking outfits. Also notice the masculine outfit on Angie Harmon. Her character is similar to that of Stana’s – very masculine, cold and hard. Sasha’s character will wear dresses and will show legs, arms and shoulders.


…of course there doesn’t have to be a black and white answer…there is always the shade of gray where you do both Stana & Sasha  😉