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Running, Lifting & My T Level

I’ll admit it, I enjoy running. I always have. In the military for the APFT the run was never a problem for me. In fact I would sometimes purposely throw my run time and APFT score just to help pace a soldier who struggled to help ensure they would at least pass (I was a platoon leader during AIT so I did have a responsibility to look out for my soldiers).

While I’ve always enjoyed running it wasn’t until September 2014 that I actually participated in an organized run – a 9/11 remembrance 5k run. I loved it. I loved the adrenaline of everyone around and chasing some nice tight ass in yoga pants – the proverbial carrot on a stick. I quickly signed up for the Rock n Roll marathon in Vegas doing both the Sat night 5k followed by Sun 10k. It was an absolute blast. Seeing the strip get shut down for the runners was something. Walking through the casino/hotel to get to the starting corral wearing my runners bib had a similar effect as being in suit with pocket square. People would look on with admiration and/or jealousy.

After Vegas I did another Rock n Roll series here in Phoenix, again doing the Sat 5k and Sun 10k. It was after this that I had planned on working up to a half marathon. But after P.D. Mangans “Best Supplements For Men’s Health”. The final chapter in the book covered exercise. I learned quite a bit about running and some of the negatives that a distance runner can experience. This got me to rethink my longer distance running plans. My max will be a 10k…I won’t give up running all together.

Lifting weights is something I am starting to focus more on. I am working hard to really develop my body in time for Vegas pool season!  I just started Creatine so I should start to see some marked improvement in my performance and development. Since I am throttling back on my running some of the time that I would’ve spent on the treadmill can now be spent on lifting. Goal is to be defined and toned but not huge – think Jason Statham.

I never it checked but knew it was time to find out where I was…my T-Levels. Again, while I have wanted to have them checked it was after reading PD Mangan’s book that I was inspired enough to follow through and make an appointment with my doctor. I was really surprised at how much resistance he gave me to getting tested. He kept asking over and over “do I have any symptoms”, “am I experiencing….” Etc. etc. I finally told him that it is for my own curiosity so I know where I stand and he which he relented to and said that “is a reasonable request”.

A couple of days after the blood draw I got the callback with my results. The nurse said “the doctor told me to tell you that your numbers are ridiculous. You just need to keep doing what you are doing”. So, for 42 year old my total testosterone was 655. While I haven’t reviewed what average levels are per age bracket I was ok with 655. While I want it to be higher I am feeling ok about that number. I know that my doctor won’t do a thing with me since he already thinks my number is “ridiculous” I may try to find another doctor and to see if he will write me an RX for an Aromatase inhibitor (Anastrozole or Exemestane). Before I do that though I will pick up Pill Scout’s “Testosterone Black Book”  and try implementing the recommendations there.

As far as what I am doing already that my doctor wants me to continue:

Supplements: fish oil/omega 3, Vitamin D3, B, Zinc and Magnesium  Citrate

Lifting: while I had been lifting already I am shifting some time that had been used running to lifting

Running: capping that at 60min max – 7 miles.

After implementing strategies outlined in Pill Scout’s book I will gauge how I feel and may go in for another blood workup in another 6-9 months, but will probably need to go to a private clinic at that point. I was really surprised at the resistance my doctor gave just to get tested to begin with.


If I Don’t Improve I Will Amount To Nothing

“If I do not improve I will amount to nothing. I am squandering my talent. I am wasting my life. Others have gone before me and done more than I have done; they did more than I will do if I do not improve” This was a quote found in the early part of Winning Isn’t Normal: Meditations on the Art of Ass-Kicking by Jason Shen. It was supposedly said by Julius Caesar when he encountered a statue of Alexander the Great realizing with dissatisfaction how much Alexander had accomplished compared to himself.

Alexander the Great

I have this quote written out on a recipe card that I put up on the treadmill so I can look at it for motivation when I am running. When I feel like slowing down, lowering the incline or cutting my run short I look at that to give my mindset a quick jolt.

I am writing this post late in the evening after returning from the gym. I have to get up in a few hours for work. I worked a 10 hour shift today already, then did some yard work while it was still daylight (add to that it was probably about 105 here in PHX). After some dinner and letting my food digest I headed out to the gym.

I love going to the gym later at night. I almost have the place to myself and those that are there are there to get in a really good workout. You don’t see people sitting on the machine checking their phone. Granted sometimes it is nice to go when the after work crowd is there as there can be some good looking women which can be a motivation, but I’d rather go when I can focus on myself, my time, weight and reps.

I keep a notebook that I log how my workout was. What my run time was and what elevations I set. Log my lifting sets – reps and weight. Looking back over the past year it is inspiring to see the improvements and increases. And just like tracking my money in Excel it feels good to see how it is going. What gets measured gets managed.

So why do I do this? Why work all day, then put in some work in the heat, then go on the workout for a few hours, then come home and write while I have to be up again in just a few hours to work…because if I don’t improve I will amount to nothing. I have to make the sacrifices to improve otherwise I will amount to nothing.

Volunteering For Dog Rescue Good For Self Development

Volunteering for a dog rescue is probably one of the best things I have done along with spearheading a Toastmasters group. Both Toastmasters and dog rescue offer so many opportunities to develop oneself.

I love to talk and have always enjoyed public speaking. I never really experienced fear when I would have to make a presentation. I always felt it more as a high. While I haven’t been as active in Toastmasters lately there was a time where I built a group from scratch. I couldn’t find any existing groups that had a convenient schedule/location for me so I took it upon myself to start a group at my workplace. This was a great experience. I had to coordinate with upper levels of management to get the OK (this was a fortune 500 company on a campus with probably close to 1000 staff). After that I had to start advertising and making people aware and create interest. After that I had to manage the initial inventory of user materials, collect payments from people who became members, etc. That was a really fun time that exposed me to a microcosm of starting a business.

Now I have been spending more time volunteering with a dog rescue. While I don’t get the business exposure I did when I was starting the Toastmasters it still exposes a person to self-development. First, you really do need to develop alpha behaviors when dealing with the dogs. If you are fearful of dogs, or show signs of timidity they may misbehave and you can get injured. You need to establish your dominance from the get go. Developing that self-assuredness will have a ripple effect into all areas of your life.

When volunteering you also have to develop discipline and responsibility. Just because it isn’t a job that you clock into and out of others in the group do depend on you to show up when you have scheduled yourself. More importantly the dogs are absolutely relying on you to be there. They don’t have the capabilities to adjust on the fly and take of themselves. They need you. As with self-assuredness having discipline will be a great value to you in all areas of your life.

Along the same lines as developing your self-assuredness with the dogs you also have to develop confidence in speaking with complete strangers. Typically you will have to initiate the conversation. When we are setup with our dogs in their pens people will come by and look in at the dogs, maybe offer their hand for the dog to sniff and pet the dog but they will rarely if ever approach us and start a conversation or ask a question about a dog; we have to be the ones that start the conversation. Granted the opener is already a given but after that you have to be able to maintain the conversation and think on your feet. There may be times also where you will need to assert yourself and tell someone no if you get the feeling that the dog and person would just not be a good match. That is another skill you develop and that is learning to trust your gut & read people.

I have never used the rescue to meet girls but it does give you the opportunity to talk to a lot of people, including attractive girls. Getting over the anxiety of talking to not only attractive girls but strangers in general is a good trait to have that will be helpful in a lot of areas of your life.

I appreciate Toastmasters for helping develop public speaking, research and writing skills as you compose your presentation. The table topics portion of the meeting helps you develop your impromptu speaking skills.

I do feel though that volunteering with the dog rescue offers more benefit for self-development. With Toastmasters you are exposed to mostly the same people week in and week out. Outside of table topics, which you may not be called on for either, your speaking is already scripted and rehearsed. And, you don’t have to develop alpha type behaviors either.

If you have the time both will benefit you. However if your time is limited I would go with volunteering with a dog rescue. Not only are you developing yourself you are benefiting the community and dogs that are unable to help themselves. I will offer this disclaimer though…it can be brutally bittersweet to volunteer with dog rescue. Some dogs you may find yourself become very attached to and it is hard to see them go – you’re so happy for the family and the dog while at the same time you feel really down knowing that you won’t be seeing your little buddy anymore. Sadly, there will always be another rescue that you can become attached to.

Christian McQueen’s The Alpha Playboy 2 Review

Well Christian McQueen has done it again, dropping some hardcore truth bombs and awesomely helpful content in his latest book “The Alpha Playboy 2

A follow up to “The Alpha Playboy” Unlike a fizzled out movie sequel, this book is substantive in content and whether or not you are already in a relationship should be read by all men! If you think your relationship is fine you probably need to check yourself.  “If you want a standard LTR that blows up in your face then read mainstream dating books, or ignore game all together. If you want cold hard facts and practical shit that works then read this book”

I would even say that all of Christian’s content should be mandatory reading for junior high boys – just like how shop class was required.

The book opens up addressing your mindset. Christian drives this topic home in his other books and blog posts…why…BECASUSE IT IS KEY!!!! Yet as I was reading it I didn’t find myself skipping ahead thinking “yep, read this stuff already”. Christian has a way of reformulating his writing so even a topic he has covered before is fresh and you still take new ideas from it. I really appreciated how Christian opened up about his past. You may read his stuff and think he came out of the womb with a snifter of scotch, hair slicked back with pomade as a natural ladies man but you may be surprised to learn that is not the case. His books come from his experiences, trials and tribulations…yes, even Christian suffered oneitis. It is reassuring to know that a cool character like Christian developed from what are probably very similar backgrounds to a lot of other just normal guys.  Without giving too much away one key in mindset is that of control. There is a gut wrenching story of what could happen when you don’t have / lose control of yourself and your mindset.

The book goes on to cover “The Do’s & Don’ts of an LTR” followed by “The Relationship Time-Line”. This time-line is key and I think if this time-line had been wide spread common knowledge there would be a lot few unhappily married men – too many guys accelerate this time-line or end up losing control in the relationship to their detriment.  Provided you have met the do’s & don’ts and have followed the time-line Christian then outlines “How To Tell If She Is A Keeper”. This is important as guys may still have clouded judgment and only sees their girl through rose colored glasses. This provides a good litmus test to post her against.

The next chapters cover “Discipline & Punishment” , appropriately by a chapter on “Tasks & Rewards” that addresses how to reward your girl which is key. Of course there is then a chapter on “Gifts” – oh how so many guys (read – ME) have fucked up here. Absolutely critical is that “it’s not about being cheap but training her to be content with you”. Get the book and Christian will guide you on how to do that.

There is a chapter on “Creating Your Own World With Her”. This chapter included an absolutely mind blowing technique that I would have never thought of, but after reading it makes perfect sense. All I will say is “stuffed animal” – buy the book and find out.

As I pointed out earlier Christian has even suffered from oneitis. To help ease the pain and to help your recover gain momentum there is a chapter on “How To Get Over Your Ex”. Again in this chapter Christian lays out a tragic tale of a man stricken by oneitis. Accordingly, the following chapter is on “Preventing Getting Oneitis Again” – you know how history has a tendency to repeat itself.

One chapter that I particularly liked was “The Mistress Method”. While some may frown upon this, this technique might actually be helpful in maintaining a healthy LTR. While this type of setup is not without its risks Christian spells out risk mistress management. Also, keep in mind, Mistress Method is different from running a harem.

With all this talk of LTR and being stricken by oneitis is a chapter on “Infatuation vs. Love”. This chapter makes the purchase of this book so worthwhile. Christian outlines what he calls infatuation examples, yet I think they are better called warning signs. I recognized almost all of them from points in my past. It is sad to see how badly I have fucked up with girls in the past yet empowering to know that I continue to develop the knowledge and skills to not continue to make those and other stupid mistakes.

Part 1 concludes the chapters that cover LTR game. The parting thought(s) – always protect yourself, make sure you put yourself first and it is not a race.

Part 2 moves into Daygame. This opens of course with a chapter on mindset…why? BECAUSE THAT IS KEY! It is a lot like your college professor…if you notice them drilling on a particular topic over & over guess what, there is probably an important reason and that is you will need to know it. This chapter really blows away any excuse you may have for not wanting to approach a girl.  Once you got your mindset right the chapters that follow go over how to approach with examples of both direct and indirect methods.

After this Christian lays out a challenge – keep in mind just reading his content will do you no good unless you apply what you learn. This challenge leaves you no excuse to get yourself out of applying what you’ve learned, but You Got To Have The Want To. He offers up some opening lines that you can use as you develop your confidence as well as prime real estate spots for day gaming. Of course there is an awesome chapter covering “The Best Way To Get Her #”.

This is a very worthwhile book. Christian once again packs a punch of robust content to help guys develop their mindset and confidence with women. The book is divided into 2 parts: Relationship Game which covers fifteen chapters and Day Game which covers 7 chapters. Christian is also kind enough to include samples of Night Club Bible, Players Guide To Text Game, Stripclub Bible – all of which I would recommend highly. I have reviewed Night Club Bible here  and Stripclub Bible here. I have read but have not written a review of Guide To Text Game, but not because it lacks content – it is a very useful guide. Don’t waste any more of your precious time – make yourself first and get Christian’s books. You won’t regret it.




The Alpha Playboy Review

If you haven’t read or purchased any of Christian McQueen’s content you need to get on the ball and check this cat out. This guy is the real deal. His background has given him the experience to share his wisdom, which if followed, will help propel your life on an upward trajectory.

If you are hesitant to spend $$ on books, which really are quite reasonably priced, then check out his free content at: his blog or ROK. What I really like about Christian’s free content is that they are complete articles. They aren’t a teasing segue into a sales pitch to get the remainder of the information – and he offers  A LOT of free content. I’m sure after checking out his free content any reservations you may have had about spending some $$ on a few e-books will be eliminated.

As of this writing (Feb 2014) Christian has five books: The Nightclub Bible, The Stripclub Bible, The Player’s Guide To Text Game, How To Pick Up Girls In Nightclubs & Bars and The Alpha Playboy.

I’ll be posting reviews on Nightclub Bible, Stripclub Bible and How To Pick Up Girls shortly while Text Game is a new release that I haven’t had a chance to pick up yet.

The AlphaPlayboy is divided into 4 sections (or topics) with individual chapters for each.

Section One is on Game.  In the first chapter of this section Christian explains how the foundation of everything is confidence…confidence in self and who you are. Christian lays out step by step how to develop true intrinsic confidence…not extrinsic confidence. He lays out how you can develop the kind of confidence that even if you were stripped of everything you could still see yourself as a man of worth.

This chapter had a lot of good take a ways and steps you can take to work on your confidence. One thing that stuck out for me was rather than trying to make yourself seem busy why not actually BE BUSY – work on your fitness, side hustles/entrepreneurial ventures, attending events (in person…not virtual). Don’t fake being busy. No one wants to be around someone that doesn’t have anything going on in their life. Have goals and work on them!

Chapter two of section one covers “Deep Conversion Game”. In this Christian gives a bullet point play by play of how to enrapture a woman to the point that she is dependent on you for her happiness.  Christian does make an excellent point that this is something that you should utilize on new girls – your behavior will be incongruent if you try on women that are already a part of your life and have previous experience with you. After the bullet points Christian goes into detail on different “moves” that will help the Deep Conversion along. An excellent key point in the chapter is that you should use your time as the reward, not material goods – make sure that she believes that you are the reward

Section two covers style and chapter one covers the foundation of style – the essential wardrobe. In this chapter Christian provides a checklist of essential pieces. Along with the wardrobe checklist Christian also provides a list of good stores to get these items from. While chapter one covered the necessities, chapter two covers the topic of making sure it all fits right. Christian covers options for specifically tall and short men as well topics applicable to all men.  Key point “it is better to wear a $300 suit tailored perfectly than to wear an ill-fitting $3000 suit”.

Section three covers fitness and recipes. Chapter one covers fitness. This chapter offers practical, quick workout routines that can be done anywhere. Some of the workout routines outlined includes a full week workout, Individual Rounds Routines, and Abdominal Routines. Each of these can easily be done from anywhere and do not require any equipment. Chapter two offers recipes and offers a good variety of meal ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Section Four is all about lifestyle. Chapter one is “The McQueen Manifesto”. I will not go into the details of this only to say it is a MUST READ! Chapter two is on lists and goals. Lists chart out your day and what you want/need to accomplish that day. Key take away on lists: “A man without direction will never become great. You have to know where you want to be…” While a list reflects daily objectives a goal is much larger and covers a longer time period. Actionable items towards your goal should be included on your lists – everyday that you don’t take an action towards your goal is another day wasted! Remember, without a goal you will stagnate and stagnation is the death of your spirit

The Alpha Playboy is an excellent book and Christian’s spirit and intent to help men elevate their game and lifestyle comes through in his writing.