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If I Don’t Improve I Will Amount To Nothing

“If I do not improve I will amount to nothing. I am squandering my talent. I am wasting my life. Others have gone before me and done more than I have done; they did more than I will do if I do not improve” This was a quote found in the early part of Winning Isn’t Normal: Meditations on the Art of Ass-Kicking by Jason Shen. It was supposedly said by Julius Caesar when he encountered a statue of Alexander the Great realizing with dissatisfaction how much Alexander had accomplished compared to himself.

Alexander the Great

I have this quote written out on a recipe card that I put up on the treadmill so I can look at it for motivation when I am running. When I feel like slowing down, lowering the incline or cutting my run short I look at that to give my mindset a quick jolt.

I am writing this post late in the evening after returning from the gym. I have to get up in a few hours for work. I worked a 10 hour shift today already, then did some yard work while it was still daylight (add to that it was probably about 105 here in PHX). After some dinner and letting my food digest I headed out to the gym.

I love going to the gym later at night. I almost have the place to myself and those that are there are there to get in a really good workout. You don’t see people sitting on the machine checking their phone. Granted sometimes it is nice to go when the after work crowd is there as there can be some good looking women which can be a motivation, but I’d rather go when I can focus on myself, my time, weight and reps.

I keep a notebook that I log how my workout was. What my run time was and what elevations I set. Log my lifting sets – reps and weight. Looking back over the past year it is inspiring to see the improvements and increases. And just like tracking my money in Excel it feels good to see how it is going. What gets measured gets managed.

So why do I do this? Why work all day, then put in some work in the heat, then go on the workout for a few hours, then come home and write while I have to be up again in just a few hours to work…because if I don’t improve I will amount to nothing. I have to make the sacrifices to improve otherwise I will amount to nothing.